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Ease your mind with a design consultation with Donaldson Flooring

A new flooring installation can be made easy with a design consultation from Donaldson Flooring to assist you in making a smart decision the first time when you work with one of our experts.

Donaldson Flooring design consultation experts understand that the most important aspects of a flooring purchase are that the customer is satisfied with their flooring choice, the price and the installation. We all want our homes to be a reflection of our personality. Scheduling a design consultation with one of our experts will help you rest assured that both bases are covered. We want you to be completely satisfied and we don’t want you to stress about your new flooring.

Donaldson Flooring design consultants want to know “what’s your style”

Remodeling is often a stressful venture for some people. The best thing you can do is schedule a consultation with one of our professionals. We will help you every step of the way. Our design consultants can help you determine your style. Do you prefer…
  • Traditional Style
  • Modern Style
  • Contemporary Style
  • Rustic Style
  • Country Style
  • Asian Style
  • Urban Style
  • Eclectic Style

A design consultation provides endless flooring options at Donaldson Flooring

Ask yourself… what type of flooring do I want? What if you are not sure?
When you come in to see us a Donaldson Flooring design consultant will begin by asking about your lifestyle, are there kids? Pets? What is the room used for? What kind of feeling do you want to create? Is there a lot of traffic? Once this is determined you can begin looking at different flooring options like tile, carpet and hardwood that match your style, needs and budget.

You may want a hardwood option. You may want to consider one of the following options:
  • Wide Plank
  • Multi width planks
  • Exotic woods
  • Traditional 3 strip oak or maple
  • Reclaimed hardwoods
  • Domestic Exotics

We have so many different options to choose from and we never want you to settle for less. If you are considering carpet, Donaldson Flooring provides so many colors, patterns and textures from which to choose.
  • Wool
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Blended fiber carpets
  • Eco-Friendly options
Flooring Design Consultation in Vacaville & Fairfield CA by Donaldson Flooring
We can even help you match furniture sets, window décor for your home.

Pricing is very important and our professionals will help you understand an exact price of the installation without any fine print or unexpected pricing later. In the consultation, our design expert can even help you by providing financing options offered by Donaldson Flooring. If you want a specific hardwood and it may be a little too high to pay in full right now, we do offer financing. That is because we want you to have what you want and you will be satisfied for many years.

Donaldson Flooring serves the California areas of Fairfield, Dixon, Suisun City and Vacaville. Call us today at our Vacaville location at (707) 639-1948 or our Fairfield location at (707) 435-9600. A design consultation will help you make the right decision and less stressed.
Choosing the right flooring installation expert means choosing Donaldson Flooring. Come and visit us today at our Vacaville, CA location or our Fairfield, CA. location. Our installation experts proudly serve the areas of Suisun City, Dixon, Fairfield and Vacaville.