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Donaldson Flooring will meet your installation expectations

Hiring a flooring expert? Donaldson Flooring supersedes the competition providing first class flooring installation for carpet, tile and hardwood.

There are a few things to consider when hiring a professional for a flooring installation. These things include quality, pricing, and timing.
  • Quality- Quality is one of the most important aspects of a flooring installation. You must consider the quality of the installation including proper underlayment and floor preparation to ensure your tiles do not come up and that your hardwood is stable. Yes, even the quality of the materials that lie beneath are a focus at Donaldson Flooring. Donaldson Flooring cares about quality. We provide first class tile, hardwood and carpet solutions that look fantastic. You can choose from a wide variety of options that will match your décor and make any room look absolutely stunning.
Flooring installation in Vacaville & Fairfield CA by Donaldson Flooring
  • Pricing - You must always consider your budget and pricing. It is ok to finance a flooring installation for carpet, hardwood or tile. However, when you sit down with a professional and come up with a final price, the last thing you want it to pay hundreds of dollars more because the installer came up with a few snags or misquoted the hours it would take. Donaldson Flooring sticks to the installation price. You will know exactly what the job will cost before we get started.
  • Timing - Timing is a big deal and no homeowner wants an installer to drag a job out. We will never start a job and walk away from it until it is complete. The wrong installation expert may tear up the floors and begin the installation, but leave and not complete the job until next week, leaving your home is disarray. We understand you want your new flooring in as soon as possible and we will make it happen.
Choosing the right flooring installation expert means choosing Donaldson Flooring. Come and visit us today at our Vacaville, CA location or our Fairfield, CA. location. Our installation experts proudly serve the areas of Suisun City, Dixon, Fairfield and Vacaville.